Med Spa Chicago

Our customer’s satisfaction is our main priority and we believe that to achieve it, we need to provide you with a relaxing procedure, a comfortable and safe environment, effective and long-lasting results. We offer a complete list of med spa services. We have been in business for a long time, dutifully serving patients in Chicago and the surrounding areas and giving men and women the pampering they deserve. Medical spa Chicago IL’s main goal is to help you achieve your goals and improve your appearance through aesthetic services.

Why Choose us

Med Spa Chicago
Massage Therapy

Your body deserves time to relax and loosen up the muscles. Our massage team can help you relax after a long and tiring day.

Med Spa Chicago

Your face needs TLC too. We offer a wide range of facials that can smooth out blemishes and draw out blackheads and dirt trapped in your pores.

Med Spa Chicago

Our pedicure services have been sought after by many people. We believe that way you take care of your feet is an expression of who you are so we provide you with excellent pedicure and foot spa procedures.

Med Spa Chicago

We have the latest equipment and technology to make your hands and nails beautiful. No matter what your manicure needs, we have got it covered for you.

Med Spa Chicago
Nail Art

Our staff can provide you with the unique nail art that suits any occasion or your personality. We are updated with the latest trends and equipment that can give you the nails of your dreams.

Med Spa Chicago
Body Wraps

Body wraps help your skin moisturize leaving it beautiful, smooth and feeling silky.

Our services include:

Skin rejuvenation IPL (Photo Facial) Wrinkle Reduction Genesis Laser Spider vein removal VelaShape™ cellulite reduction Botox Cosmetic and Dysport Dermal fillers – Juvederm Eyelash treatment – Latisse Laser hair removal

Non-Invasive Cosmetic Treatments

Our team of experts believes in achieving perfection in service through service and hard work, that is why we are proud to offer you a service that is effective and practical. The best Medical Spa Chicago are experienced, highly trained, and professionals. With today’s advances in technology, we can provide you with aesthetic procedures that are non-invasive and designed to enhance your overall outcome. We truly care about providing you with thorough education about the services we offer so that you can make informative and right decisions. When we meet with you, we will take the necessary time to get to know you and understand your goals and unique needs. Our goal is to enhance your best features and correct any imperfections you desire to fix.


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“All I can say is it is the best nail salon and spa where we can enjoy the best services under the surveillance of highly trained and skilled staff and would recommend it to everyone.”

Jackie Williams


“A good place to get beautiful and attractive nails, they not only focus on providing beautiful nails but also provide overall care for the body, it is advisable to visit at least once there. ”

Nikki Jones


“A cooperative and friendly staff, who provide services according to your needs and choices, I am still surprised at how they manage to serve overall body care services to customers being a nail salon and spa, recommended to all who want beautiful hands and body.”

Shae Brown

Med Spa Chicago

Everyone wants to look and feel beautiful. Feeling beautiful gives a more positive vibe about life. People who are happy with how they look tend to live a happy and long life. However, we understand that not everyone is gifted with healthy skin and a well-sculpted body, people also need to work hard for it. You must earn your dream body with healthy eating and exercise. A  well-balanced and healthy lifestyle can give you everything from beautiful skin, voluminous hair, to a well-sculpted body. Genetics, certain medical conditions, and time are factors that can cause undesired features like fine lines and wrinkles. These can cause your skin to look unhealthy.  Our cosmetic and aesthetic practices can help you in such cases when extensive procedures are needed.

Enhance Your Natural Elements

Medical spa downtown Chicago offers medical aesthetics facility to everyone who is looking for a solution against aging. Our cutting-edge technology for all of our anti-aging treatments work wonders in sculpting bodies as well. We believe in providing the best service that you deserve for a more well-balanced life. Our services can satisfy your aesthetic needs, all our state-of-the-art equipment are reliable, and work hard to give you the skin you deserve. Our services guarantee that everyone who walks out of spa feels brand-new. We also give medical-grade procedures for all your aesthetic needs. Each customer that comes through the doors of Chicago Med Spa is carefully treated with a specialized procedure plan that leaves them feeling glowing and beautiful.


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